WHEELED EXCAVATORS - Hitachi ZX170W-6 (19t in either Mono or Two Piece Boom)


Hitachi ZX170W-6 (19t in either Mono or Two Piece Boom)


Easy operation and swift manoeuvrability meets sleek design and unparalleled versatility with the ZX170W-6. The technology incorporated from industry-leading manufacturer Hitachi comes without compromise and has an attractive user-friendly appeal.

With its proven reliability, outstanding durability and more than 100 design updates compared to previous models, the ZX170W-6 operates on a 4-cylinder Isuzu engine. The SCR system reduces exhaust gas emissions to aid future net-zero goals, whilst the HIOS IV system reduces total hydraulic loss, this improving efficiency.


Engine Rated Power 128.4 kW (ISO14396)
Operating Weight 17,300 - 19,100kg
Counterweight Clearance NA
Height of Cab NA
Overall Length with Monoblock Boom 8,520 - 8,690mm
Overall Length with 2-Piece Boom 8,810 - 8,820mm
Wheel Base 2,550mm
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