TELEHANDLERS - Manitou MT933 (9m)


Manitou MT933 (9m)


The Manitou 933 is the true companion when it comes to harnessing productivity. When it comes to a huge range of tasks, the 9m telehandler has few limits. Think positioning pallets around busy and highly-populated areas, consider loading and unloading lorries with heavy, bulky products, think manoeuvring materials and accessories around site from place to place; the Manitou 933 can do it all.

The telehandler is known to be the indispensable partner on any construction site, and McGovern Plant Hire has a range of them to make sure your needs are met efficiently and effectively. Available with a range of buckets and attachments to cater to your site, the Manitou 933 is the obvious choice.


Lifting Capacity 7,275lb
Maximum Lifting Height 29ft 11in
Maximum Outreach 20ft 1in
Breakout Force with Bucket 5,770 daN
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