DUMPERS - JCB STH-2S5 - Swivel (3t)


JCB STH-2S5 - Swivel (3t)


JCB’s straightforward servicing is comprised of a tilting seat base on the 1T-2 and 3T-2 models which allows for uncompromised service access to the engine, making it easier to reach dipsticks and fluid fill points. Floor panels can be removed without a specialist tool making access to the machine easier when it comes to necessary upkeep and maintenance. The 3T-2 has been designed to suit multiple applications, from landscaping to utilities work, making it the ideal partner for your site, whatever phase you may be on. It has a new 18.9kW Stage V compliant engine with no DPF resulting in reduced downtime, thus reduced fuel usage costs. McGovern Plant Hire holds an entire fleet of JCB’s new range of dumpers in a variety of sizes, so get in touch today to arrange your site visit so we can advise you on the size you need to meet your needs.


Weight with Operator and Full Fuel 2,390 kg
Track Width 1,360 mm
Skip Width 1,654 mm
Height to Top of ROPS with Beacon 3,016 mm
Length 3,926 mm
Load Capacity (heaped) 1,615 litres
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